The Value of Open Space

by Glenn DeRussy / CCLC Board Member

The stress fades almost immediately. It becomes quiet.  Things seem to slow down. You’ve just entered a sanctuary of peace and beauty.  In our fast-paced world taking the time to slow down can refresh your mind, which allows you to take your mind off the confusion of daily life.  When you return to your normal routine, you’re refreshed and more able to meet your daily challenges.  This is one of the many values of open space.  In the metro Denver area, we’re extremely fortunate to have easy access to these preserved open spaces.  You don’t have to travel great distances to a remote wilderness area.  It’s already here, in your backyard!

Thanks to the efforts of farsighted citizens, much of the open space in Clear Creek Canyon and the surrounding area has been preserved for the residents of Golden and metro Denver.  Clear Creek Land Conservancy (CCLC) was formed in 1986 to reach that goal.  In addition, CCLC worked as a catalyst with Jefferson County Open Space, Clear Creek County Open Space, and Denver Mountain Parks.  The end result is that much of the open space we enjoy today is preserved.  This includes many of the views from the Lariat Loop, as well as critical parts of the Beaver Brook Trail.

But, there are many open lands we treasure that are not protected.  Metro Denver, including Golden, is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States.  Our location is under immense pressure to develop the last remaining open spaces.  CCLC is working to preserve these parcels.  As a non-profit, we exist to protect these lands for the current and future generations.  We work with land owners to help them preserve their land with a conservation easement.  This allows them to continue using their land under its current use, such as a ranch, while at the same time preserving the land forever as open space.

If Clear Creek Canyon and the surrounding area are important to you for finding peace in a hectic world, then become a member of Clear Creek Land Conservancy.  Your support will help insure the protection of these last remaining open spaces in our backyard for current and future generations