Greg Holden joined the Clear Creek Land Conservancy Board of Directors in 1990.  He was elected Vice President in 1995, Secretary in 2007 and President in September, 2010.  His main duties as President are to call Board meetings, set agendas, and to insure that all the paperwork is done and taxes are paid for CCLC.  Greg is also active with land preservation and monitors several CCLC landholdings and easements. “Clear Creek Canyon,” says Greg, “is my backyard and its preservation is my first priority in life.”

Outside CCLC, Greg is a retired Geology Professor from the Colorado School of Mines who taught petrology and field geology for 30 years.  Greg grew up in Southern California, then went to college in Washington and Wyoming before moving to Golden in 1978 to teach at Mines.  He has been active in Golden government, having served as a Golden City Councilman in the 1980’s and as a member of the Golden Planning Commission in the 1990s.  Hiking is Greg’s passion and he spends much of the year out on the trails.  His favorite hikes in the Canyon are the Beaver Brook trail (best walked from Stapleton Drive down to his home in Golden) and the main loop trail at Centennial Cone.