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For more than 30 years, with the support of donors like you, CCLC has worked to conserve land to protect our natural and scenic resources for future generations.  CCLC owns 654 acres of land in Clear Creek Canyon and holds conservation easements that forbid development on nearly 2,000 additional acres.

CCLC depends on the generous donations of people like you to:

Acquire new conservation easements
Monitor and defend conserved properties
Manage and care for CCLC properties
Provide assistance for landowners seeking to conserve land

Donor Confidentiality Statement

CCLC’s donor information, donor records, and membership lists are to be used only in support of CCLC’s mission of land conservation. Accordingly, CCLC does not share or sell in any form either in part or in total such information with or to any individual or organization if the use of such information would be in conflict with the philanthropic interests of CCLC or would violate donor confidentiality or institutional accountability to donors or donor prospects in any way.

Information obtained about prospective donors in the course of considering charitable gifts or planned gift options including their names, beneficiaries, gift amounts, personal assets, or other financial and estate information, is kept strictly confidential, except when a donor grants permission to use selected information for purposes of referral, testimonial or example.




Do you love to hike the Beaver Brook Trail? We are looking for locals interested in year-round monitoring and trail upkeep. Contact us for more information. 


For 30 years, CCLC has served the Clear Creek watershed area protecting land through conservation easements. Would you like to help? We are looking for volunteers to help steward our protected places, help with trail maintenance, and contribute in other significant ways to the preservation of Clear Creek Canyon. Contact us for more information about volunteer opportunities. 

We occasionally have opportunities for law students to intern for the land trust (for academic credit).  We have had a number work on legal projects with us while learning about land conservation law. If you’re interested, contact us for more information.

CCLC Board Meetings are open to the public. If you would like to attend a meeting, contact us for the next meeting date and location.