Summer 2014

Summer is now upon us, with high temperatures and brown slopes. It was a wet, cool spring in Clear Creek Canyon and the flowers were great while they lasted and all the small streams had some water. We have been assessing the condition of the Beaver Brook Trail on CCLC land and have found that it needs minor maintenance, mainly brushing out and elimination of “dog hair” small pines and firs adjacent to the tread. We hope to schedule a time this Fall when we can get volunteers to help us get the needed work done.

We have had some changes on the CCLC Board of Directors this Spring. Long-time Director Chris Crouse has stepped down from the Board after almost 20 years of service in order to pursue new opportunities. We will miss her.

We have also added three new members to the Board. It is my pleasure to welcome new directors Megan Helseth, Julie North and Michelle Poolet. Megan grew up in Clear Creek County and now works in Denver as a communications expert. Julie North, also originally from Clear Creek County and now living in Denver, works for Blue Star Recyclers and has a background in environmental policy and sustainability. Michelle Poolet lives in Cody Park and is active in CARE and PLAN Jeffco. I look forward to working with these new Board members.

Enjoy the rest of summer!

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