Since 2011, CCLC has hosted an annual photography contest to showcase the natural beauty of Clear Creek Canyon and talented local artists. We believe that art is one of the most sustainable ways to enjoy our natural resources.

We would like to thank all of the photographers who have entered our contests over the years, and whose work is featured on our website. Take a look at the winners below! 

Want to participate in next year’s contest? Check back in Spring 2018 for more information!

Ready to see your photos featured at the State Capitol?

We will be accepting photos from the Clear Creek watershed area featuring natural scenery/landscapes, wildlife, etc. from all seasons. Share your favorites with us for a chance to be featured at the Capitol. Check back in Spring 2018 for more information.


Congratulations to our 2016 contest winners, who beat out our biggest, and toughest, competition yet to be featured at the Colorado State Capitol. Many of the winning photos can be seen in the public rotunda until Summer 2017.

Frank Burzynski
Dave Edwards
John Gritts
Tammy Hammond
David Izuo
Weston Kruse
Jeff Kuhn

Jao van de Lagemaat
Dan Orcutt
Andrew Price
Erin Tate


2015/16 Calendar Contest Winners

Judge: Vic Shendel
Grand Prize: Christy Holland

2014/15 Calendar Contest Winners

Judge: David McKenna
Grand Prize: Terri Rosevear

2013/14 Calendar Contest Winners

Judge: John Fielder
Grand Prize: Larry Caine

2012/13 Calendar Contest Winners

Judge: Boyd Norton
Grand Prize: Dave Edwards