New Trails at the Mouth of Clear Creek Canyon

Jefferson County Open Space (JCOS) is now designing the eastern most segment of the Peaks to Plains (P2P) trail and hopes to open this new 1.75-mile segment by the summer of 2020.  This 11-foot wide concrete trail will start where the City of Golden’s paved Clear Creek trail now ends, just downstream from the Highway 6 bridge that crosses Clear Creek.  The new trail will then rise up to and follow the south side of the Church Ditch west to the existing Grant Terry Bridge to cross Clear Creek.  The new trail will follow the south side of Clear Creek west up to near tunnel 1, then cross to the north side and follow the old railroad grade along the Creek around the tunnel, ending just before the west end of the tunnel.

At the west end of this new P2P segment, JCOS will build a bridge across Clear Creek to access the Welch Ditch trail, which will be reconstructed along the remaining traces of the old Welch Ditch all the way east to where it crosses the current Chimney Gulch trail.  Welch Ditch planning and construction will be concurrent with the new P2P segment.  JCOS will also provide 200 or so new paved parking spaces in two lots along U.S. 6.  Both lots will have left and right turn lanes for safety.

These new trails will be a great addition to Golden’s immediate trail network.  JCOS will be holding an information meeting in early January of 2019 to present their preliminary design ideas and to gather feedback from the public.  For more information about the January Meeting, keep an eye on JCOS’s master calendar at  A downloadable version of the map of the trail proposals is at