Introducing the CCLC Membership Program

Clear Creek Land Conservancy is proud to announce its new Membership Program.  For the past 31 years CCLC has been a low-profile organization, working diligently and effectively to preserve land, mostly out of the public eye.  But now, because development and recreational pressures are building throughout the Clear Creek watershed, CCLC aims to increase the number of people involved in its preservation efforts and become a more public organization.  The first step is to start a Membership Program.  From now on all donors will automatically become Clear Creek Land Conservancy Members, and CCLC will provide new benefits and opportunities to members who wish to participate further.  The CCLC Board of Directors hopes the new program will expand our base of supporters, increase our influence in local communities, and give members a way to be more involved in preservation of the lands they love.

Members will receive regular updates on happenings in the Clear Creek watershed and will be notified about CCLC events, such as organized hikes and member events, where they can meet and mingle with others interested in local land preservation.  Since membership donations support CCLC’s continuing preservation work they are fully tax deductible.  CCLC welcomes corporate members as well.  To become a member, make an annual donation to CCLC in any amount.  Donors of up to $100/year are Conservation Members and those donating over $100 are Steward Members.  With supportive members, CCLC will become an even stronger force for protecting the lands we all love.