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CCLC Jan Wilkin's Son at Windy Saddle Clear Creek Canyon

On December 30, 1986, former CCLC President George “Rock” Pring accepted a generous donation from longtime local resident, Carla Swan Coleman, of the 240-acre Northwoodside Conservation Easement, which protects over a mile of the Beaver Brook Trail near the Lookout Mountain Nature Center. This generous donation, in partnership with the Trust for Public Lands, was the beginning of CCLC’s work to preserve the Clear Creek watershed area.

When CCLC was founded most of Clear Creek Canyon was privately owned and prime for residential development.  The popular historic Beaver Brook Trail was protected by no more than a narrow easement that could not protect it from encroaching subdivisions. The Clear Creek Land Conservancy was established to orchestrate land preservation in the Canyon and to act as a catalyst for both private and governmental open space preservation efforts. The founders had a shared dream of preserving the Canyon for all time.