Fall 2012

As I write this message, in late October, fall has come and winter is not far away.  Last week the canyon received about six inches of wet snow and while the moisture is very welcome, I suspect that in shady areas on the trails ice will remain all winter.  So be careful on your hikes!  Let’s all hope that the coming winter will bring good solid snow to end last year’s drought.

Fall also means that the 2013 Clear Creek Land Conservancy calendar is now available.  This year, twenty photographers submitted fifty-three photographs from the Canyon for consideration and our calendar judge, world-renowned wildlife photographer Boyd Norton, selected the best submissions for inclusion in the 2013 calendar.  Congratulations to our winners Frank Burzynski, Larry Caine, John Gritts, Pete Helseth, Jim Meurer, Ken Paul, and Cari Roehmann, with special congratulations to our GRAND PRIZE WINNER DAVE EDWARDS. Boyd was so impressed with Dave’s big horn sheep photos, that the calendar features two of them.  Read more about the contest winners on our Canyon as Art photography page.

2013 Back Cover of the CalendarThis calendar is a major fundraising project for CCLC and we hope that everyone who loves the canyon will buy several copies for their own use and as holiday gifts.  The calendars are available for $15 from this website. 

I want to give special thanks to Page Lambert for organizing the photo contest and selection process and to Maggie Korey for getting the calendar printed and distributed.

CCLC is also pleased to announce that acclaimed Colorado photographer John Fielder has agreed to judge our 2013/2014 calendar contest.  I urge all of you to get out into the canyon during every season this year and take photos, then submit them for the 2014 calendar.  It is an easy way to become a famous photographer!  You can STAY INFORMED about the contest through the e-news section of the CCLC website (please send us your email address so we can add you to our mailing list).

I hope you all have a great winter and that you all get out to enjoy Clear Creek Canyon whenever you can.  And don’t forget to buy 2013 CCLC calendars for all your friends and relatives this holiday season.  Your purchases help preserve and maintain the canyon you love.

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