Fall 2010

The Clear Creek Land Conservancy (CCLC) was originally founded by far-sighted conservationists to protect Clear Creek Canyon, especially the land along the historic Beaver Brook Trail.  Now, with the Beaver Brook trail fully protected by public parks and conservation easements, CCLC has expanded its land protection efforts to the whole of Clear Creek Canyon, and has become a major landowner and manager, responsible for direct management of over 500 acres and monitoring of nearly 2000 acres of conservation easements.  We are working to keep these lands wild and to help the public become more aware of these lands and their amazing natural values.

The CCLC Board of Directors is proud to present this beautiful new website.  Through it we intend to disseminate information on Clear Creek Canyon, organize volunteers to help preserve the Canyon, and to raise the financial support CCLC needs to maintain and expand the land it has protected.

I hope that this website becomes an important part of your interaction with CCLC and Clear Creek Canyon, that it keeps you informed, and that it inspires you to spend more time in the Canyon and to become more deeply and directly involved in its protection via the get involved function.  Please let us know what you think of the site and what additional information and services we can provide by using the  contact us function.  This website is for your use and enjoyment!

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