2019 Highlights

Photo of conserved land from a summer stewardship visit.

LAND CONSERVATION:  We had another successful stewardship season this year.  All of CCLC’s properties were visited by volunteers and staff.  Healthy vegetation, signs of wildlife, and moderate recreational use were observed and recorded.

NEW PROJECTS:  CCLC is excited to be working on several projects with non-profits and private landowners to preserve their open space for the future.  Though we can’t share details yet, preserving these lands will be a great win for conservation!

PEAKS TO PLAINS TRAIL:  The P2P trail running up Clear Creek Canyon continues to make steady progress.  Currently Jefferson County Open Space and Clear Creek County Open Space have completed and opened 4 miles of trail in the Canyon.  Though not yet open to the public, significant work has been completed by Jefferson County Open Space on a 1-mile section of the trail at the entrance to Clear Creek Canyon.  The latest 1-mile section of the 65-mile corridor that follows Clear Creek and stretches from Loveland Pass on the Continental Divide to the South Platte River in Denver is scheduled to be completed in late 2020.